How To Make Money With News Websites

You probably have seen thousands of these news websites around the net.
They can monetize their traffic using a special strategy that we are going to show you in this post.

1) Get a Domain + Hosting and Install WordPress.
2) Install the Magazine Theme.
3) Choose Your Niche.
4) Start creating articles. Or hire someone who can write articles for you. Try to find “Viral Content” which is the best kind of content you need.
5) You mustn’t do “copy” and “paste”! Your website will be punished. You can find the same content, but you need to write it with your own words.
6) Sign up for Google Adsense.
7) Sign up as an Advertiser on Taboola, Propeller Ads and MGID.
8) Drive worldwide Traffic $0.01 to Your Website using Taboola, Propeller Ads and MGID.
9) Test and find the best articles, advertise only the best ones, switch to T1 Countries, Desktop only and send traffic.
10) Once Your website starts earning passive money, create a new website for a different niche and repeat the whole process.

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